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User experience highlights the experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer.

Interaction design focus on creating engaging web interfaces with logical and thought out behaviors and actions.

Motion graphics is a digital animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, combined with audio & video.

Graphic design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.


I am a hybrid User Experience Designer working at Manhattan Associates, a supply-chain, commerce solutions providing firm. I feel like I have been a designer all my life, but my professional career started about 10 years ago. I have experience in developing solutions for mobile and web, and have worked on applications regarding e-commerce, warehouse management transportation, labor management and business intelligence solutions.

I believe a good design is one that makes my users’ lives efficient, fun and simple. Most of my work has been catered to people who work on the floor of a warehouse, or CSRs who are helping other customers on the other side of the line. I believe interaction with such users can and has helped me achieve the best in the products I’ve designed, and has made me a better and more humble designer.


Work Experience


Design: Illustrations, Icon design, Storyboarding, Wire-framing, Rapid Hifi & Lofi interactive prototyping, Gestural and tangible interactions. UX: Process flows, UI design, Usability testing, Quantitative analysis, Contextual inquiry, Persona & scenario development.


Programming: Basic HTML/CSS/Jquery
Software: Adobe Creative Suite: Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Dreamweaver;Axure RP, OmniGraffle, CorelDraw, Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max


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Work Monitoring

Project: Task monitoring solution for the warehouse departments.

Role:UX Lead, along with the team of BAs and developers.

Methods:Personas, creating mental models, process flows, wireframing, lo-fi & hi-fi interactive prototype, visual design, visual & behavioral documentation, user testing & analysis.

Problem: Since it’s a desktop application, it restricts the supervisors from being more on the floor with his employees and having real time conversations about their ongoing tasks and activities. The basic grid screens made it difficult to interpret the data at the higher level. Lot of data made it difficult to get a quick overview which effected the efficiency of decision making. The app was not comprehensive in navigation as well.

Application: The main objective of this application was for it to be mobile, that would allow flexibility into how managers and supervisors can monitor labor, and work together in an aggregated data view on a single device. The important feature of the application was, that it combined the work and the performance of the employee into a single version of visualization, which showed what work is remaining vs. accomplished. Being mobile it also allowed the supervisors to spend more time on the floor interacting with the associates and impacting the performance rather then being in their offices.

Wireframe Concepts
Data Visualization Variations

Distributed Selling

Project: To enable the Customer Sale Representative (CSR) to navigate the customer through an easy and complete retail experience.

Role: Interaction and Lead Visual designer in a team of 3 designers.

Methods: User Research, process flows, wireframing, prototyping, interaction design, visual design, visual and behavioral documentation, user testing and analysis.

Problem: Before the redesign the application was very wizard driven, which made it very inefficient and difficult to use.

Application: The objective of the redesign was to come up with a design that was novel, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. It was to be a design that would make the application efficient and intuitive for the CSRs, and help them navigate through flows like item selection, order creation, shipping, tracking, promotion, appeasements, returns and exchange. The idea was to give more power and control to the CSRs than they currently have today.


Warehouse Mobile Picking

Project: Create a mobile application for picking in the warehouse.

Role: UX Lead along with the team of BAs, developers and product managers.

Methods: Personas, process flows, wireframing, lo-fi & hi-fi interactive prototype, visual design, visual documentation, user testing & analysis.

Problem: The current application is on the RF devices, which allows for a very limited screen interaction and a lot of hidden key functionality that makes it difficult for the temp workers to adapt to in the short time.

Application: Deploying the new app on the mobile device has made it an intuitive, easy to use, touch interface with rich, context sensitive information and multitude of visual aids. The app aims to ease the training time for temp workers hired to handle peak season picking volumes. Seasoned pickers are also expected to benefit from the new interface which provides robust visualizations of the picking need and user performance.

Wireframe Concepts
Alternate Tablet Concept

Demand Forecasting

Project: Concept wireframing and visualization for the forecasting and inventory application.

Role: Interaction designer along with lead functional designer.

Methods: User research, process flows, wireframing, prototyping, interaction design, visual design, user review.

Application: The application is used to forecast demand at different levels of product and location node, to sense trend and demand patterns and respond with the dynamic, adaptive unified forecasting methods. The redesign initiative was taken to make the applications more comprehensive in terms of screen actions, navigation and data elements displayed on the screens, which would impact, the users’ experience with the application and make it more competent, resourceful and easy to use.


Atlanta Cycling Festival

Project: Fun community project and design for a cause I love.

Role: UX Lead

Methods: Research, process flow, wireframing, prototyping, visual design.

Application: Atlanta cycling festival is a weeklong biking festival that is held every year since 2014 to encourage the culture of biking, and with an aim towards making Atlanta a bike-friendly city. The objective of the design was to create a new experience for the riders, and involve new riders to participate and be the part of the festival. The project involved designing a website and the mobile app that will allow the riders to track the current events, connect to the ride leaders and connect with their Facebook friends based on their response to an event.


WM-Inbound Mgmt

Project: Concept design for the combining Transportation and WM Inbound activities.

Role: Interaction designer along with Lead functional designer.

Methods: Research, process flow, wireframing, interactive prototyping, visual design.

Application: Warehousing and transportation today are programmed in a way where the users have to log into different applications to get a clear view of what is happening in the warehouse. The idea of proposing a redesign was to connect yard management to inbound tasks, giving the users visibility of daily activities, match mental model of the users and create a unified experience and create a single view for both the applications.

Application concept

Yard Management (Express Service Pass)

Project: Design concept for truck drivers and yard management employees.

Role: Lead visual and motion graphic designer

Methods: Research, wireframing, audio-visual movie, animation, interviews.

Application: The main idea behind the concept was to create a back-end service that could tie the appointment creation process to yard management, and simplify the lives of the truck drivers, hence making the process more efficient. Since this was just a concept, we spoke to the BAs to understand the current process, created some wireframes and made a motion graphic animated video, which explained the service and effects when implemented.

Application Concept

Proof of Delivery

Project: This mobile app is to track the arrival and departure date, and time for the delivery of shipments made by the truck drivers.

Role: Interaction designer in the team of two designers.

Methods: Wireframing and prototyping.

Application: This mobile phone app was created for the truck drivers (users) to deliver shipments and track all of their activities in real time. The idea was to make the delivery process faster and reduce paperwork for the users. An intuitive interface would allow the users to navigate through the app very efficiently.

Design Concepts

Going Local

Project: Self initiated concept for encouraging local living.

Role: Concept owner and designer.

Methods: Interviews, process flow, wireframe, visual design.

Application: This app was inspired by the book Deep Economy by Bill Mckinnen, which promoted the idea of local living; an economy that ensures economic power should reside locally which would lead to healthy ecosystem in the process. My idea for creating this app was to promote the same concept and create a compelling case of moving away from growth and economic ideal into more local direction. The app was created for the users who want to support their local businesses by using or trading their services to maintain an economic balance. This app would provide them with all the details of their vendors and services that would make the entire process seamless, fun and easy to deal with.


Motion sequence teaser for a trilogy by Satyajit Ray (Graduate Thesis)

Art is omnipresent, and the exclusivity in any form of art comes from our surrounding and the environment that we surround ourselves with. This thesis attempts to investigate the characteristic work of an Indian director, Satyajit Ray (1921-1992) from a modern point of view and bring back his work that has been forgotten with time. Satyajit Ray introduced the Neorealism movement 1 to Indian cinema, and came to be known for his artistic style which offered a certain sense of universality to the expression depicted.
The honest portrayals in his work resonated with the international audience for the first time in the history of Indian cinema. Neorealism is a documentary style of shooting movies where they mostly used non-professional actors and filmed at real locations, in real environments. The point was that of capturing life in its purest forms which mostly addressed the rural and the poor class in the society.
My thesis engages in studying the significance of Ray’s work in today’s world, and briefly discusses ways to incorporate the same kind of work with today’s technology and audience. I have studied one of his masterpiece’s called “The Apu Trilogy” which is a fusion of sadness, humour and poetry with exceptionally little resort to the spoken words. It’s an attempt to establish a connection between his films with the contemporary American culture, hence navigating across culture boundaries. Attention to detail, minute observation, and appreciation of issues in a mundane human life were characteristic features of Ray’s work. These are some points that I am trying to focus on through an audio-video presentation. This thesis will attempt to reintroduce Ray’s virtues into a rather modern setting of today’s time.

Malgudi Days

Motion title sequence for and Indian television series call Malgudi Days for Digital Type in Motion class.


Art Motion sequence to promote Indian symbols and ancient design elements created in Autodesk Maya & After Effects.

Addidas, Brotherhood Commercial

The Addidas brotherhood commerical was an animated sequence, where basketball was rotoscoped from 25fps to 9fps. The type and shape animation was then executed in after effects.

Title Sequence for a ceramic show

Concept of a title sequence for show whaere the ceramic video was shot on a HDR camera and then printed out at 25fps followed by papaer cut frame by frame animation.

Concept Art

The following illustrations were textured and created in Maya as concept art.

Branding Design

Few samples of brochure designs, created at Rochester Institute of Technology and some freelance opportunities.

Cult watches - Concept & Art
Textile manufatring brochure (India)
Event concept for celebrating 20 year anniversary for a stock images company.

Typography Research Project

This was a project that I was working on, with prof. Adam Smith at RIT as graduate assistant, where we were collecting data to build a rich database for all typography resources that included; websites, blogs, news etc. The idea was to be one stop shop for students to get any information related to typography.

Poster Design

Illustrations (Mix media)